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“A piece of beauty, creatively re-beautified.” - Malia Sine


While studying abroad in Italy, Malia trained at fashion institutes, sat front row at Milan Fashion Week, and got to see firsthand the making of Prada bags in their local factory. It was then that her eyes were truly opened to the sheer beauty and power of the fashion industry, and she knew she wanted to be a part of it. That was how Her Fruit was born. Her designs accentuate the feminine curve of the body with unconventional, alluring silhouettes. Everything is handmade in her fashion studio and each piece is unique and carefully crafted. Malia is a part of each garment in all of its creation steps. First, she draws out a sketch and sources vintage materials that match the look for her design. She then brings those materials home with her where she deconstructs them and builds them into a new art form, making her initial sketch come to life. Because the materials are adapted to what can be sourced, each piece cannot be reproduced in the exact same way or in mass quantity. All variation is inherent to the vintage nature of each item and is the foundation of its beauty. Her Fruit specializes in made to order, capsule collections, and custom designs for select stylists and clients. Malia's vision is to participate in the evolution of fashion by advocating slow fashion and honoring Mother Earth.

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